These reservations are for your benefit and safety; they are also REQUIRED. 

  • ALL classes and amenities REQUIRE a check-in with the Front Desk at least 10-minutes prior to your reserved time slot.
  • Any reservations without a check-in are considered a no show and forfeited 10-minutes prior to the time slot.

• All classes at both branches have a maximum number of participants allowed. These numbers may differ from class to class or branch to branch dependant on a number of things, including: staffing, equipment availability, etc.

• Members that have registered their email with MotionVibe will receive an email notification as soon as the decision has been made. We will also make every effort to reach out directly by phone.

 Most outdoor classes will be CANCELLED in the event of inclement weather but there are a select few that will be relocated. Please refer to the class descriptions or see the Front Desk for details. *Any cancellations or relocation updates will be emailed via MotionVibe at least ONE hour prior to the class start time.

Inclement Weather Guidelines:
Heat Index of 85 Degrees or Higher
Wind Chill of 55 Degrees or Less

Air Quality Alerts & Warnings

• Parker Y: Weight Room, WhirlpoolWays to Sign Up.jpg

• Janesville Y: Water-Walking, Lap Swim, Family Swim, Whirlpool

• Janesville Y: Pickleball, Racquetball

• Parker Y: Open Gym

• Janesville Y: Child Watch
• Parker Y: Child Watch

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