Our personal trainers will create a personal exercise plan for you and conduct an optional fitness evaluation. These one-on-one sessions develop a program based on current condition, personal goals, objectives & limitations. Your workout plan will be designed for strength training, free weights, cardiovascular fitness and/or flexibility. Group Rates are available for members.

Personal Training Programs:

Free Wellness Consultation
Free Equipment Orientation
Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation
Body Composition Analysis
Personal Training

Small Group Customized Training

Personal Training 60 Minute Sessions           1x       5x        10x
Adult Member $40 $175 $300
Adult Non-Member $80 $350 $600
Youth Member $30 $135 $250
Youth Non-Member $60 $285 $550

Small Group Customized Training Rates:  

Adult Group Member $25
Adult Group Non-Member $50
Youth Group Member $15
Youth Group Non-Member                 $30 

*Rates are per person/per appointment.

To schedule your body composition analysis, fitness evaluation or personal training appointments, please call (608) 754-9622 ext. 116.